CMA Inc., manufactures fabricated and encapsulated fiberglass products that provide acoustical control to various commercial environments. Special emphasis has been placed upon products and applications in educational and recreational facilities. CMA products can be decorative as well as functional, five different types of facings are available in many colours. All facings are non-combustible, class A as per ASTEM E-84. Sound absorption provides many different results depending on the mounting, and thickness of the fiberglass. 

  • Ogden Swimming Pool

    Ogden Swimming Pool

  • South Boston Middle School

    South Boston Middle School

  • Bonita Springs YMCA.

    Bonita Springs YMCA.

  • Monster Rio West Corridor

    Monster Rio West Corridor

  • Winfield Recreation Centre

    Winfield Recreation Centre

  • Pagosa Springs Elementary School.

    Pagosa Springs Elementary School.

  • Carillon Club Therapy Pool

    Carillon Club Therapy Pool

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Multi-Purpose Rooms

Therapy Pools

Swimming Pools



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